Businesses on this page contribute a diverse range of benefits to local societies and economies, ranging from social integration and generating opportunities for visitor spending to involving communities in decision making when it comes to tourism in their areas. 

Barcelona, Hidden City Tours

Visit the Barcelona that you'll never read about in the Guidebook?  No-one knows the city quite like those who've spent time living on its streets.  Intertwining their personal stories with local history and an insight into the social issues of the day, this is a journey you'll never forget. 

Combine classic sights with off the beaten track or choose the 'street life' tour to learn what it's really like to survive on the streets of Barcelona.

Since 2014, the number of tourists experiencing the city with Juan, Jose or Udo has increased by 333%.  Enjoy the authenticity of hidden Barcelona and play your part in creating jobs for the homeless.

'It's about social inclusion, creating a sense of belonging, being reintroduced into society, and part of a team with work colleagues, taking responsibility for tour groups and more importantly being given responsibility and a second chance.'

Hidden City's Founder, Lisa Grace

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