Excursion Programme Review

If you're a Tour Operator, Ground Operator or Cruise Line, it's highly likely that you have hundreds of excursions in your portfolio.  More and more customers are looking for sustainable, local, authentic, safe experiences to make their holiday special .  As mainstream operators are increasingly aware of this becoming increasingly important to make sure that your programmes are As it becomes increasing important to can you be sure that they are really working for your business, meeting customer expectations and creating benefits for destinations?

What's on Offer?

Firstly, take a look through your current programme

  • How does it make you FEEL?  Are you excited and eager to book, want to find out more or think it actually sounds pretty boring?

  • What feedback are you getting from destination based staff? What are people asking for? What is easy to recommend and what never seems to sell?

What do customers want?

You need to know your audience (current or potential) and you need to know what's likely to make them want to leave their sunbeds and put their trust in you to give them a valuable and memorable experience.

  • Are your excursion programmes and your target market a match made in heaven, complete polar opposites or in a void somewhere in the middle?

  • Has your programme stayed the same whilst your audience has moved on?

  • Are destinations keeping up with demand for new trends and experiences?

What are your customer touch points?

Think about all the pre, during and post opportunities for communication: website, applications, social media, newsletter, in-flight entertainment, resort transfers, welcome get-together's. 

Are you using all of these options to their full potential?  Does the method match the market? Do you know which channels generate the most interest? 

What are your key messages?

It's not what you say, but how you say it!

Ask yourself if your are inspiring your customers?  Is the sales pitch the same as it was when the excursion first went on the programme? Are your messages relevant to your market? Will following your advice make their holiday even better?  What 'feel-good' factor will they enjoy?  Will they create memories?  Are you more focused on 'selling' than 'recommending'?

What are the challenges?

There could be any number of things running through your head......

  • You know you need to make changes but you don't know where to start.

  • It's going to be hard to get senior level buy in.

  • You'll need help to run staff training

  • You want to be loyal to suppliers but we know their product is no longer what our customers want.

  • You need to be able to quantify that changing approach will make a difference

Review Excursion Profiles in line with Company Objectives
  • A plastic audit will identify exactly where and how plastic is used in your business

  • Baseline statistics will calculate the status quo before any actions are implemented

  • Friendly, practical staff discussions and training will identify the challenges likely to be faced and the potential solutions to overcome them

  • Specific targets and actions are agreed and rolled out

  • Bespoke customer communications help to ensure that guests are involved and contribute to the success of your project

  • Liaison with tour operating staff creates buy in and supports customer communications

  • Monthly evaluation keeps you on track, deals with any issues and celebrates successes along the way

  • Project evaluation calculates the environmental, reputational and financial impacts 

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