Plastic Audits

For Accommodation and Excursion Providers

A plastic audit will identify exactly where and how plastic is being used across your operations and how much it is costing your business.

Collecting some baseline statistics will establish the status quo allowing you to make an informed decision on where you'd like to focus your efforts.

How does an audit work?
  • Prior to any site visit, you'll be asked to provide data on the previous years' plastic consumption and hotel occupancy. This gives us the base line from which to start.

  • Having the base line statistics means that you can drill down into exactly where you'd like to focus the efforts of your team.  It might be one main source of plastic you decide to tackle, or you might take a departmental focus e.g. F&B or Housekeeping, it's entirely up to you. 

  • To be sure we can make it work, we'll have friendly, practical discussions and training sessions with key staff to find out what the day to day challenges are likely to be, and the potential solutions to overcome them.

  • Specific targets and actions can then be agreed and rolled out

  • We will design bespoke customer communications help to ensure that guests are involved and contribute to the success of your project.

  • We will liaise with tour operating staff that work on your premises so that they can also deliver the message on your behalf.

  • If you have an entertainment or Kids Club Team we can provide you with suggestions for 'eco-activities' to help support your goals.

  • Monthly evaluation keeps you on track, deals with any issues and celebrates successes along the way.

  • A final seasonal evaluation calculates the environmental, reputational and financial impacts of the changes you've implemented.

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