Plastic Tool Kit For Hotels 

A complete 'Do It Yourself' approach to reducing plastic

Perhaps you have the human resources to look into how plastic is consumed in your hotel, but you're missing the tools for them to do the job?

If that's the case, then the Plastic Tool Kit could be just the thing to help.

It has been specifically designed to ensure that any recommendations will still enable you to meet the Health, Safety and Quality standards expected of you by global tour operators.

What does it include?
  • As with the onsite audit, the first step is to understand where plastic is currently being used across your hotel operations.  To do this, we recommend you use the Year On Year Measurement Template to record your previous year's consumption and hotel occupancy.  You'll use the same document to keep this year's statistics which we recommend you keep monthly to enable you to see if your actions are making a difference. 

  • At around the same time, complete the Self-Assessment which is conveniently broken down into specific departmental questions, for example F&B, Housekeeping etc.  Cross referencing both documents will help you to see if you've missed anything.

  • When you have all the information together, discuss with your department heads (and Green Team if you have one) to decide where exactly you'd like to focus your efforts. Our E-Guide will provide you with some inspiration.

  • You'll need to give all of your staff some information and motivation to ensure they are helping achieve your goals.  Our Staff Training Templates will give you lots of ideas, and of course you can tweak them to suit your individual requirements.

  • Customer communications on this topic can sometimes be tricky, but we have a great way of making them exciting and using the right words to get people engaged - all yours included in the price.

  • It's always good to get feedback from your customers, our customer questionnaire template will help you to understand what customers think about your approach and whether it has influenced their opinion of your brand.

What would we like in return?

As we're not doing the audit on your behalf, we won't know if your changes have made an impact unless you tell us.  Whilst we don't oblige our clients to tell us their results, we would be really delighted if you chose to share them with us.

We don't need commercial information or anything that you wouldn't want others to know, but if you'd be happy to tell us any of the following, we'd be super grateful:

  • Percentage (hopefully) decrease in plastic use

  • Associated cost savings

  • The total amount of single use plastic items you've removed from your operations 

  • The number of guests who got involved and supported your changes

  • How your staff felt about the project

  • Any innovative changes that really made a difference

  • Any challenges that you had to overcome

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