The Complete Plastic Tool Kit for Hotels


A complete set of templates and supporting documents to help you identify the best possible options to minimise or eliminate single use plastics from your hotel operation.

Designed to be practical, efficient and inspirational whilst ensuring you continue to meet the health, safety and quality standards expected of you by international tour operators.

Plastic Audits for Accommodation & Excursion Suppliers


Developed with the same objective as the Plastic Tool Kit but with the added advantage of personalised support, staff training, and the collection and management of data.

Whilst we will still need your input throughout the project, we will take on the vast majority of the work, including the delivery of training and creation of bespoke customer communications, we will collate customer feedback and fully evaluate all aspects of the project so you can see where you've been able to make a difference.

Excursion Programme Review

FREE Initial Consultation

Firstly, we'll take a look at how your current programmes and itineraries are performing in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction and destination impacts. 

We will identify which types excursions are the best fit with your current or potential customers, discuss what you'd like to change or what needs to change to be more successful, increase local economic impact, be better for the environment and be more appealing to customers?

Reviving Existing Excursions

Variable price depending upon requirements

Some excursions might have all the sustainability ingredients in place but for some reason they're just not popular with your customers.  Based on experience, identifying new features and benefits that focus on the sustainable / environmental / cultural aspects of the experience and re-writing the pitch is often a really effective way of improving their performance.

Combined with staff training and the means to evaluate customer feedback, you have the potential to dramatically increase your contribution to local economies and generate increased revenue for your business.

Creating New Experiences

Variable price depending upon requirements

If you know that your excursion programme is a little bit tired and not keeping up with changing customer trends, it could be time to consider introducing some new experiences to your portfolio.  

With a background in health, safety and quality assurance, we'll help you to ensure that any new additions to your programme will meet all of the other requirements expected of you as a tourism business.

Our services are flexible....we can be a sounding board to bounce ideas off and check sustainability credentials or we can craft the excursion from the beginning, including consultations with local stakeholders and understanding environmental impacts through to providing a great sales pitch.

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